Aluminium Grilles

If you are planning for your house renovation works, do not miss out the details on your grilles. Grilles are a necessity to ensure safety and security of your home. In Singapore, every house, be it HDB flats or private landed properties require grilles. Having grilles are especially a must when you have children at home or have windows opening into common corridors. By having grilles, it will provide you with the peace of mind against possibilities such as house robbery or intrusions.

As you move into your new house or worrying about the current state of your old flat, it is crucial for you to check your grilles if they are still in good working condition. Sometimes, we tend to miss out on the importance of maintaining our grilles at home. As grilles are exposed to weather elements, it may get wary overtime and as a result, the quality might deteriorate and cause it to be faulty. Remember, your grilles must be well – maintained so that it will remain in good working condition in many years to come.

One of the main reasons on why grilles are fixed is to ensure the safety of your home. As your grilles are attached to your home, it is also important for you to give a little more attention to its designs and specifications. Undeniably, the design and colours of your grilles could affect the overall look of your home, especially if your grilles are clearly seen from all angles. Therefore, it is important that you choose a design and specifications which meet the need of your home and your expectations.

A&V offers aluminium grilles & wrought iron grilles which come in extensive range of designs, colours and types of locking mechanism. The grilles will be installed as per your window measurements.

Additionally, you need not worry as your grilles will be fixed internally and will not protrude from the building facade.

Bring safety and security to your home today! Contact us to discuss more about our grilles packages.

If you are thinking of improving your current home furnishings or to add more beauty to your new home, you might also want to consider changing your home grilles. One of the most common types of grilles is aluminium grill. Despite its simple look, aluminium grilles could actually add elegance to your modern home design. Besides its physical properties such as lightweight and high durability, aluminium grilles are also well known for being one of the most economical and cost effective home grilles. It is indeed a perfect choice for commercial building, offices, houses and apartments where durability is the priority.

Furthermore, aluminium grilles will serve as a good investment as it is both rust and corrosion resistant. As such, it makes it easier for long term maintenance. Today, there is a wide variety of grating designs which you can choose from. One of the popular picks from many of our clients is the white powder coated aluminium window grilles which is used in combination with sea green tinted glass windows. Such combination brings about pleasant and refreshing look from internal and external view. At A&V, we also offer customization services where you can select your own design and choose the number of panels you prefer for your space. We could also supply and install as per your preferred options:

1)      Single or double hollow grilles
2)      Choice of colours – white, bronze, silver, titanium, etc.
3)      Wide range of designs.

Below are some of the options available for your window grilles designs:

1)      Ladder Aluminium Grilles
2)      Square Aluminium Grilles
3)      Horizontal Aluminium Grilles
4)      “No – Blocking – View” Grilles
5)      Customized Grilles

Aluminium grilles are often selected for many types of windows like sliding, casement and soundproof windows. Many people prefer aluminium grilles as it is safe and secure to protect intruders, burglars as well as children in the house. It is also common to see buildings around Singapore which are made up of aluminium grilles. If you are worrying about the safety guidelines issued by the building management or the HDB, you need not worry further. We are HDB licensed contractors who are experienced in installation of grilles in accordance with HDB guidelines. Additionally, most of our aluminium grilles come with a convenient inbuilt lock and key mechanism. Thus, this will further enhance the safety feature of the aluminium grilles.

Do not wait further. Call us today to find out more about our range of aluminium grilles for your space!

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