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Our home is a shelter for us to seek comfort and feel a sense of belonging. In fact, home will be the best place where we are entitled to our own space of living and privacy. Nevertheless, it is impossible to achieve a sense of security and privacy if we were to live in a house that do not have a door to shut ourselves out from the world out there when we need our time off for ourselves.

In every home in Singapore today, there will be an entrance door. The entrance door actually plays an important role in contributing to the overall safety and physical aspect of the house. This is because, the entrance door will be the first door that every visitors to your house will see when they visit your house. Besides, the entrance door of every house is the main door that will lock and prevent your house from being intruded. Thus, it is crucial for you to select the best material for your entrance door. Commonly, wood is the preferred choice of many residents in Singapore. A solid core wooden door is indeed an ideal material to be chosen for the entrance door.

Generally, many people choose wooden door for their entrance door at homes and offices as wooden doors are durable and it provide an elegant look. Furthermore, selection of wooden doors is made easy as there are many designs to choose from. At A&V, we offer a wide range of entrance door designs and material selections. This includes entrance doors that can be made from Nyatoh, Classic or Veneer.

In Singapore, home entrance doors that are permissible are mainly doors which are made from solid core materials. This is related to safety issues. Doors that are made from solid core material will be able to withstand heat (during an unexpected fire incident or weather) and it is definitely a good sound insulator. Typically, entrance door which is made from solid core is heavy and bulky but this property makes it able to withstand wear and tear as well as makes it hard for intruders to break the door open.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing your materials and designs for your home or even office entrance doors, it is crucial for you to understand the properties of each material as it will help you to make an informed decision. As entrance door is the main door that every guest have to go through before entering your house or office, it becomes an item which is significant as part of your home and office.

In Singapore, only Solid core are allowed for entrance doors. I will now further elaborate the advantages ad disadvantages of Solid Core:

  • It is able to act as a heat and sound insulator, since it embodies a solid piece of material
  • Act as a strong security againist intruders and thieves, as they are very hard to break open
  • More expensive, but more suitable for main doors
  • Bulky and heavy, it is able to prevail against wear & tear and more durable

For entrance Doors, these are the three most preferred and commonly used materials:

  • Nyatoh
  • Classic
  • Veneer

Nyatoh Doors

– made of Nyatoh
– An alternative to Teak wood
– Very strong
– Dent and mare resistant

Nyatoh doors are commonly used as main doors as it take well to stain and polish. Nyatoh doors are very durable.

Classic Doors

– Classic doors are cost effective
– Provides a simple and elegant finishing
– A wide range of gorgeous modeled front and back panels are available

Classic doors take on colours and varnish beautifully. All these benefits of classic doors allows the owner to customize his/her own apartment accordingly to his/her own preference.

Veneer Doors

– made of veneers
– Veneer doors provides a flat, consistent and uniform panel for main door
– made of thin slices of wood neatly glued together giving a classic and artistic finishing
– Smooth and glossy appearance
– Wide variety of designs and pattern for you to choose from

We also do provide Fire-rated wooden doors which are mandated by authorities (HDB/BCA) under certain conditions such as doors along the fire escape route (opening into passageways and lift lobbies)

All our door installations include good quality Door knobs /levers with a standard lock & key function.

We Have A Wide Selections of Colors For You To Choose!

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