Bi-Fold Doors

As our living space at home is getting smaller, it is good for us to think of ways to save space. One of the best ways is for you to choose an entrance door that will enable you to organise your space much more effectively. The question here will be, what type of door will allow you to save space?

Undoubtedly, bi – fold doors will be able to help you to save space. Today, it is common to see bi – fold doors in every house unit. Bi – fold doors become a popular pick as it has many advantages attached to it. Besides helping to save space, bi – fold doors which are commonly used for bathroom toilet doors, laundry rooms or even balcony are attractive and secure.

At A&V, we offer bi – fold doors which come with either one of these tracks option:

1) Normal or Conventional type which comes with top and bottom track. Such normal tracks are cost effective and easy to use.

2) Top Hung type which does not require the support of a bottom track. The door panels will slide through the rollers available on the top track. The main advantage for this type of track is that, it will make it easier for any wheelchair bound occupants as he/ she does not have to struggle to move in his/ her wheelchair around the house, which could potentially be blocked by the bottom track.

Furthermore, at A&V, we offer wide range of bi – fold doors which come in many different colours, designs and materials. The frame of bi – fold doors ranges from wood to metal and the panels of bi – fold doors can be made from glass, acrylic or other composite materials. Typically, many of our clients prefer to choose an aluminium bi – fold doors as it is resistant to dent and scratch.

Why choose bi – fold doors from A&V?

– At A&V, we offer durable bi – fold doors which are value for money.

– Our bi – fold doors need little maintenance. Usually, you will just need to grease the top and bottom of the metal track to ensure that the bi – fold door continues to function smoothly. For top hung bi – fold doors, you will need to check the rollers once in every few months to ensure that it is functioning well.

– A&V offers quality bi – fold doors at a reasonable pricing.

– The quoted price for our bi – fold doors include supply of the bi – fold doors, installation of the door as well as removal and disposal of the old door.

Hurry up and contact us today to choose your preferred bi – fold doors for your new home! With over 20 years of experience in this field, we assure you that you will not regret for engaging us in the making of your beautiful home.

Balcony Bi-Fold Doors with White Powdered Coated Frame
Balcony Bi-Fold Doors with White Powdered Coated Frame
Balcony Bi-Fold Doors with Green Powdered Coated Frame
Balcony Bi-Fold Doors with Green Powdered Coated Frame
Bi-Fold Door with Blue PVC
Bi-Fold Door with Blue PVC
Bi-Fold Door with White PVC
Bi-Fold Door with White PVC

For Our Materials, You Can Choose From The Colour For Your Toilet Door to the Aluminium Frame around your bathrooom doors

The top selling type of Bi-fold door material our customer choose is the Aluminium frame (white powder coated) with Acrylic panels. Our Aluminuim Bi-fold door panels have a variety of colours. It is often used  bathrooms and kitchens for their neat, elegant look and also for their cost effectiveness

A & V Aluminium can assure you one of the lowest price for Bi-fold Doors island-wide with the best quality you can find in Singapore with proven testimonials from all our customers throughout the 20+ years. And our price includes supply, installation of new door as well as removal and disposal of the old door.

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