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Today, wooden doors are the most popular picks for entrance door and room doors amongst residents in Singapore. In fact, wooden doors are great picks as they provide great beauty and excellent durability. If you are searching for your home entrance door or room doors option, look no further! At A&V, we offer a wide range of wooden doors for your selection.

Generally, a hollow core wooden door is an ideal choice for room door selection. Through its simplicity, hollow core wooden door actually provides an elegant and artistic finishing which is more affordable as compared to solid core wooden door. It is crucial for you to understand the characteristics of the doors that you select in order to ensure that you will be satisfied with your decision.

Below are the characteristics of the two main wooden doors we offer at A&V:

1) Solid core: Made from a bulky and heavy wood, it is able to withstand wear and tear. It has great durability factor and is able to act as a heat and sound insulator since it embodies a solid piece of material. This material is definitely a good pick and is most suitable to be chosen as the main entrance door which provides strong security against intruders because it is solid and hard to break through. Nevertheless, this material can be an expensive selection.

2) Hollow core: Made up of a lighter material which will require greater maintenance in the long run. Besides, this type of material may not be the best option to be chosen as the entrance door as it is easier to break as compared to solid core. It also enables heat and air to pass through it easily which lowers its effectiveness as a sound insulator. However, this material is cheaper than solid core.

For exterior(main/entrance) Doors, these are the three most preferred and commonly used materials:

  • Nyatoh
  • Classic
  • Veneer

Nyatoh Doors

– made of Nyatoh
– An alternative to Teak wood
– Very strong
– Dent and mare resistant

Nyatoh doors are commonly used as main doors as it take well to stain and polish. Nyatoh doors are very durable.

Classic Doors

– Classic doors are cost effective
– Provides a simple and elegant finishing
– A wide range of gorgeous modeled front and back panels are available

Classic doors take on colours and varnish beautifully. All these benefits of classic doors allows the owner to customize his/her own apartment accordingly to his/her own preference.

Veneer Doors

– made of veneers
– Veneer doors provides a flat, consistent and uniform panel for main door
– made of thin slices of wood neatly glued together giving a classic and artistic finishing
– Smooth and glossy appearance
– Wide variety of designs and pattern for you to choose from

At A&V, we also provide fire – rated wooden doors which are mandated by HDB/ BCA. Besides, all door installations include excellent quality door knobs and levers which come with a standard lock and key function.

All our door installations include good quality Door knobs /levers with a standard lock & key function.

We Have A Wide Selections of Colors For You To Choose! If you are keen to explore the available options of wooden doors we have at A&V, call us today!

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