Glass Doors

Generally, glass doors refer to any doors that are made up of glass as the main panel. Today, glass doors have become increasingly popular amongst many people, especially those who love their living space to be bright. The installation of glass doors as part of your home interior will allow your living space to be brightened up naturally as transparent glass panel allows the entry of light.

Besides brightening up our living space, glass doors are also great for a clean and modern looking house. As glass doors are transparent, it allows us to be connected to the outdoors.  At A&V, we believe that your home is your living heaven. As such it is important for you to pick the right choice of interior designs, including doors.

Other than wooden doors, glass door is an alternative option for your home. Generally, glass doors need a frame of solid material. At A&V, we offer wide range of glass doors design with solid frames, which is typically made up of strong aluminium. Our glass doors will definitely be a great choice for your home, be it for entrance doors or the partition door between indoors and patio as it will give your house the versatile and modern look.

If you are worried that glass doors may not be long lasting and durable, you could combine your glass door panels with aluminium or other solid material frames.  Aluminium is commonly known as a malleable and ductile material which is resistant to corrosion. By understanding the properties of your door materials, it will help you to choose the best option for your home.

Advantages of glass doors:

1)      Glass door is an economical option
2)      Glass door brightens up your living space effortlessly
3)      Glass door will definitely goes well with any interior decor
4)      Glass door is space efficient and not bulky

At A&V, we offer various glass panel types which vary from fiber glass, tempered glass, frosted glass, patterned glass as well as glass which come in range of hues and tint. In fact, we offer customization of glass doors which can be sound proof as well. You could also choose the installation of glass doors in the following configurations:

1)      Sliding doors
2)      Swing doors
3)      Bi – fold doors
4)      Multi – fold doors
5)      Frameless doors

With 20 years of experience in installing glass doors, we offer professional installation services which complement our durable and good quality glass doors. We aim to offer the right solution & satisfaction for every home. Call us today to find out more about our glass door installation services.

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