Glass Cabinet Doors

Cabinet is one of the common storage areas in every home. Cabinets can be built in various designs and sizes. It can also be made up of different materials for different storage purposes. Typically, many clients build cabinets for the kitchen, shoes or even bathroom. The materials of the cabinets will highly depend on the storage purpose. It is crucial for clients to know their needs for the cabinets in order to select the right materials for their cabinets. Choosing a good quality material for your cabinets will contribute to the durability of the cabinet.

Generally, many homes were made up of wooden cabinets. Wooden materials are commonly used for kitchen cabinets and shoes cabinet. However, many people start to realise that a wooden cabinet is not long lasting as wooden material is susceptible to decay from moisture and termites. In fact, wooden material is not a good material for cabinets which are frequently exposed to water contact. As such, there is a drop in demand for wooden cabinets today.

Today, many people are looking for alternative materials for their home cabinets. Today, one of the popular picks is a cabinet which is made with an aluminium door. At A&V, we offer various designs and types of cabinets. This includes aluminium glass cabinet doors which are made up of aluminium protected body and poly carbonate glass panels.

Why is aluminium glass cabinet doors better than wooden ones?

As the aluminium glass cabinet doors are made with aluminium protected body, it will be a stronger and more durable storage area. The aluminium frame is a water – proof and anti – rust material. The aluminium door can be fitted with design panels which are available in many artistic and classic designs. The aluminium cabinet doors are definitely suitable for your kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets as well as shoe cabinets.

At A&V, we aim to make your dream home come true. We offer over hundred modern and classic designs that you could choose from to make your storage space look stunning. Besides the physical aspect of the cabinet, we also believe in the importance of the quality of every cabinet. We assure you that we only build using the best quality materials which are durable and long lasting. Call us today to make your dream home come alive!

Aluminium Poly Carbonate Glass panels Cabinet Doors

Our Aluminium glass cabinet doors with aluminium protected body and Poly Carbonate Glass panels. It will be much more durable due to the Aluminium frame that is strong and anti rust. It can also can be fitted with design panels.  And we have hundreds of the art series to choose from.

Our stunning ad gorgeous cabinets can be use in places such as your Kitchen Sink, Wash Basin cabinets, bathroom cabinets and shoe cabinets. It will instantly turn your old kitchen, bathroom or shoe cabinets into a new look you have never seen before.

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