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Undeniably, bathroom is one of the most important areas of every home as it is where we do our private activities. In every home, bathroom is commonly used for showering. As such, the amount of water and shower gel or shampoo which flows all over the bathroom floor will cause the bathroom floor to get wet and slippery. Wet and slippery floors can potentially cause a fall and injury. Therefore, it is crucial for us to be more diligent to keep our bathroom floor remain dry as it will prevent unnecessary injury.

If you are wondering what you should do to ensure that your bathroom floor remains dry all the time, you could consider getting shower screens for your bathrooms at home. Shower screens which were previously made from a piece of decorative plastic sheet and hung from a rod in the bathroom have evolved into a glass or acrylic based screen that comes together with an open and close door mechanism. The glass or acrylic based shower screen is a convenient solution to separate your bathroom into wet (bathing) and dry area. By doing so, it will help you to keep your toilet dry while leaving some area in the toilet specially for wet activities like bathing.

Today, many people are fond of the idea of installing shower screen in their bathrooms. Shower screens are also popular as it provides your bathroom a clean and snappy look. At A&V, we believe that shower screens will help you to save time on drying your bathroom floor. Besides, by segregating your bathroom into wet and dry area will help to prevent unnecessary injury from taking place in the bathroom.

At A&V, we offer various types, shapes and screen designs. You could also customize your shower screens based on your taste and preferences.

Generally, there are three main types of shower screens. Firstly, a traditional framed shower screen comes with a sliding mechanism. Usually, Aluminium or PVC frames will be used with a normal or patterned sheet of glass or acrylic panels. Secondly, there is a new invention of frameless shower screens where panes of tempered glass are used with unobtrusive fittings. Such installation is typically done with a swing door access. Thirdly, there is a semi – frameless combination of framed and frameless panes.

At A&V, we also offer a wide range of shapes of shower screens. There is a simple wall to wall style of screen which is commonly used to give your bathroom the partition between wet and dry areas. This type of simple shower screen can be installed with a sliding or swing door mechanism. On the other hand, we also offer a corner style shower screen which usually fits into the smallest available area. This type of shower screen can be fixed as a diamond or curve shaped cubicles which gives a stylish look. It is especially suitable for bathroom with limited space.

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When you shop for shower screens, it is important to focus on the quality of the screen panels. Ensure that the screen is made up of adequate thickness and fully water – resistant. Do not miss out to check on the durability of the hinges or sliding systems for your shower screen. Additionally, the sealing panels should be water – tight. By checking on all these items, it will ensure the durability of your shower screen.

Types of Shower Screens

  • Framed Shower Screen with sliding mechanism. Aluminium / PVC frames will be used with normal/patterned sheet glass or acrylic panels
  • Frame-less Shower Screens where tempered glass are used with the fittings.  These are commonly used as Swing Door
  • Semi-frameless ( it is a combination of framed and frame-less panes). It is usually used in circumstances where full frame-less shower screens cannot be installed

We use the best tempered glass shower screens Singapore to supply our clients. We will ensure that our shower screen provide the design that matches any bathroom. We have a wide range of available shower screen that will fit into any situation.

With over 20 years of experience, A&V offers quality shower screen and installation services in all parts of Singapore. Call us today to find out more about the shower screens you can get for your home.

Shower Screens with Fixed Panel
Shower Screens with Fixed Panel
Shower Screens with Fixed Panel
Shower Screens with Fixed Panel
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Aluminium Shower Screens
Aluminium Shower Screens
Aluminium Shower Screens
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