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Today, one of the most common doors that are found in homes and offices is a sliding door. A sliding door which is also known as patio door is typically made up of a two or more panel fixture that is considered as a single unit. A sliding door is a type of door which can be opened through a horizontal slide, whereby the door is either mounted on or suspended from a sliding track. A sliding door provides a form of enclosure as well as access between two spaces / rooms.

Advantages of sliding doors

Firstly, sliding doors especially those that are made with glass panels allow the entry of natural light in your room/ space. Furthermore, as sliding door does not require additional space to swing open or close, it is a type of door which is space efficient. As such, sliding doors are commonly chosen for internal (home/ offices) doors.

Besides, just like a window glass panel, a glass sliding door can be made from a variety of glass types which include normal glass, tempered glass, wire mesh glass, tinted glass and patterned glass. Those glasses are usually combined with the use of metal frame. In fact, typical sliding doors will be built together with a bottom track which is used to facilitate the movement of the sliding door panels. Sliding doors which use ball bearings as their rollers help to reduce friction between the sliding door and track. Also, a sliding door usually include a one way interlocking mechanism between panels which allow the doors to have complete coverage without any gaps.

A sliding door which is typically made from an aluminium metal frame is generally durable and long lasting. In fact, such sliding door is commonly rust and corrosion resistant.

Similar to sliding glass windows, glass sliding door is easy to maintain and is available in wide range of designs and colours. The sliding door which is commonly pick for installation at balcony entrances and kitchen areas could easily be designed to match your living space/ home décor.

At A&V, we offer a wide range of glass sliding door designs and materials for you to choose from. If you are considering to change your kitchen, toilet or balcony door, do consider a sliding door. You could also customize your options from the variety of glass types we have in store for you. Contact us today for more information on our products and installation services.

You can choose type of glass to customize your apartment. We have a Variety of glass types for you to choose:

– Normal Sheet Glass
– Tempered Glass
– Wire mesh Glass
– Tinted Glass
– Patterned Glass

For the frames of the sliding door, Aluminium metal frame is the ideal choice for interior or closet doors as they are resistant to corrosion and rust.

Acrylic panel Sliding Doors are mostly installed for Kitchen, bathroom entrances and even sink cabinets.  Glass panel sliding doors are usually installed for larger entrances as they will require at least two panels which is most commonly found in landed homes and offices. Glass panels also provides an elegant finishing.

Kitchen Cabinet Sliding Door
Kitchen Cabinet Sliding Door
Kitchen Cabinet Sliding Door
Kitchen Cabinet Sliding Door
Toilet Sliding Door with Blue PVC
Toilet Sliding Door with Blue PVC
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