Swing Doors

Swing Doors

Swing doors typically come in the form of large glass panel with metal, wooden or PVC frame. Usually, swing doors have two or more hinges at the side attached to the door frame in order to support the door. Usually swing glass doors will come with a lever entry which is lockable. The hinges will allow the glass door to swing both ways, either inwards or outwards direction. As such, swing doors require more space and may not be a space efficient structure. Nevertheless, swing doors continue to become in demand due to its advantages.

Advantages of swing doors

Swing doors are indeed a good option if you are looking for a door which are generally affordable and require low maintenance. In fact, swing doors are easy to use at home and offices as it can be fixed with an auto close mechanism.

In Singapore, swing glass doors are typically used as entrance door in offices and landed properties. Swing glass doors are usually chosen as it gives professional look. On the contrary, aluminium frame and frosted or clear glass (swing doors) are popular picks for homes. The wide range of options to choose from the Swing doors categories allow people to customize their home of offices swing doors based on their personal taste and preference.

At A&V, we offer unique and wide range of swing doors that are durable and affordable. We aim to help every client to achieve their dream home and living space by choosing the right doors that match their available space and personal preference.

Call us today if you are keen to know more about our range of swing doors. We will be able to help you to customize your dream doors for your homes or even offices.

Our swing Doors comes in the form of:

– large glass panel with metal
– wooden frame
– PVC frame

We have a wide variety of colours and materials for you to choose from, you can customize your apartment, offices, etc accordingly to your own preference. For example,

  • Office main doors would usually be installed with frameless tempered Glass door in order to look more professional
  • Places like library, restaurants and shops would be frameless tempered glass door which also provides an elegant finishing
  • For residential homes, Aluminium frame and frosted or clear glass swing door would be the most preferred as it looks pleasant, more durable and easy maintenance

Our TOP selling swing door is white powder coated frame coupled with a single panel of clear or patterned glass. Our Glass swing door in most commonly found in the entrances of landed and private houses. Glass swing door is also preferred for balcony doors for private as well as landed houses.

Swing Door with Green Glass
Swing Door with Frosted Glass
Swing Door with Frosted Glass
Swing Door with Frosted Glass
Swing Door with Frosted Glass
Swing Door with White Aluminium Frame
Swing Door with White Aluminium Frame
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