Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

Generally, tempered glass or toughened glass is known as safety glass as it is a strong type of glass as compared to the normal glass. It is harder and stronger than normal glass as a result of its manufacturing process which include intense heating and rapid cooling process.

Advantages of Tempered Glass:

1)      Tempered glass is almost five times stronger than normal glass.
2)       Tempered glass does not break into smaller granular pebble – like chunks when it breaks.
3)      Great strength and thermal resistance.
4)      Tempered glass is durable.
5)      It requires low maintenance
6)      Tempered glass is easy to shape and design which allows it to be easily used for various structure such as glass door entrances, windows, shower screens, table tops and display cabinet.

There is a special type of tempered glass which is commonly used to make automobiles and it is known as the laminated tempered glass. The laminated tempered glass is made from a basic tempered glass which is laminated between two sheets of plastic. Due to the physical properties of such tempered glass, it helps to reduce the risk and impact of injury if there is any mishap.

Additionally, tempered glass is available in various thickness. Over the last decade, A&V has undertaken many renovation projects which involve the tempered glass. We believe that tempered glass will be a good option for your homes if you are looking into beautifying your home with glass panels for balcony or even staircase railings. In fact, tempered glass can also be installed for your shower screens, windows and entrance door. At A&V, we offer customization of tempered glass based on your desire and needs. We will be able to offer you custom designs based on your given requirements.

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