I have accumulated the most frequently asked home renovation FAQs and listed them down. Here are some home renovation FAQs which you might have in the following areas:

1. Aircons Installation

Is the cost of wiring inclusive in the aircon package?
The cost of aircon wiring and rewiring is always inclusive together with the air con package.There is nothing to be happy. It is not a “free gift”, it is provided together with the aircon as the cost is already together with the aircon.

2. Bathroom accessories & lighting Installations

Do we need to pay for the installation of bathroom and lighting points?

You can discuss with the contractor to install these items free of charge at your house. When the contractors said they will bring you to the shop to buy bathroom items, do not agree and follow them, as contractors may earn commission from there. Get these items yourself and ask the contractor to install for you.

3. Painting

How much does professional painting services?

The market price of painting is between S$1100 – S$1600. The painting service should usually consists of 5 colours or more depending on the packages.

4. Debris clearing

How much does it cost?

The standard pricing for clearing of debris is around S$215. Some contractors will quote you more than S$600! Some false excuses they will give is that they have to rent a lorry to collect debris. The lorries are provided by HDB. The contractor only need to pay HDB S$215 and everything will be done accordingly.

5. Gas piping

What do I do to get the gas connected?

The contractor will liaise with City Gas for work to be done. The connection of gas piping to the cooker hood would be done on another day. Billing of the gas piping will be sent to you by the PUB.

6. Chemical Wash

What is Chemical Wash? What is it for?

Chemical wash known as acid wash. It is priced at around S$95-S$150. It is only done after painting, flooring works are completed but before the completion of carpentry. Chemical wash is are used because it can wash away dirt easily and is more effective than normal water.

7. Renovation Permit

Do we need to pay for the renovation permit?

Cost of renovation permit is usually absorbed by your contractor.

8. Lastly before you sign…

its the best to tell your contractor to state every item as clearly as possible. The quotation does not include detailed specifications of all materials used.

With all these 8 Home Renovation FAQs, I believe most of your doubts are cleared! You can check out more on home renovation pointersrenovation budget & renovation loan tips!

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