Ants are everywhere in your apartment. After killing them, there are always new ones coming back the next day. If your can’t stand the sight of ants crawling in your house! I gather some really useful information have discovered on the internet on how you can get rid of ant in your apartment, and these are the best solution!

Feed them corn meal

They take it back to their nest and feast on it, but since they can’t digest it, it eventually kills them. Corn meal won’t harm children or pets.

  • Wheat flour and dried rice also work. Like corn meal, it expands in their stomach and bursts them, resulting in a death slightly less nasty than being boiled alive.


Spray ants with vinegar water

The low pH kills them without damaging most furniture. This is a great way to clean surfaces while you’re at it.

Sticky tape 

When you see an ant, place the sticky tape over it and use your fingers to squash it beneath the tape. The ant’s carcass will be stuck on the sticky tape, so it will be clean.


Keep ants at bay by drawing a line around home entry points. The ants will be repelled by the calcium carbonate in the chalk, which is actually made up of ground-up and compressed shells of marine animals. Scatter powdered chalk around garden plants to repel ant as well as slugs!

  • There are some substances in chalk that ant do not like.
  • Chalk is also flexible where it can be drawn onto the wall.
  • Chalk also provide very well coverage and the ants have no way to maneuver through.
  • It is also very lasting once applied
  • Its cheap!



Therefore, chalk would be a good way to get rid of them ANTS!

  1. Applied some chalk at the kerb of my main door
  2. Some at the ants’ favorite entrance location.

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