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1) Cheaper

Contractors follow your orders. Their materials and services are first hand and directed from factories. Interior designers are the middle person. They absorb commission from both the clients and the contractors. Hence, contractors are cheaper.

2) Wider variety & flexible

You will have the power and freedom to choose your own suppliers and contractors for different brand, designs and type of materials. You can practically decide on the choice of materials or any designs at a much lower price as compared to interior designers.


1) Insufficient Designs

Contractors usually do not have sufficient design skills as compared to a interior designers. However there are some contractors who do have some design backgrounds and is able to produce awesome designs, and even good perspective sketches at low prices.

Be sure to bear in mind that contractors are not design trained and do not provide consultation services. Thus, they are not licensed to produce design ideas. Hence, you have to be sure of what you want and know the exact colors, materials the location etc of everything.


2) Time consuming

For busy people who prefer not to be tied down with so much coordination work. Interior designers is a better choice as you will need to do a lot of coordination, planning, follow-up yourself. Contractor is highly recommended for those who are looking at minimum renovation (ie. Resale / premium / DBSS Flats)

Interior Designers

interior designers singapore


1) Minimal Stress

Interior Designers does all the coordination for the different contractor. Which means you have lesser stress. A good ID is important as some Interior Designers just couldn’t work with certain people and create lots of problems and issues.

2) Quality Designs

Space planning is the most crucial part in any renovation process. Any Interior Designers who are well trained in this area will be able to calculate the space plan accordingly to the designs desired in order for the exquisite furniture to be in place. This provide maximal usage of the limited area available. The market practice is for IDs to provide a 3D rendering of their proposed designs.



1) More Expensive

Interior Desgners normally will charge at a higher rate compared to Contractors. The markup is due to the design services, coordination and consultation provided.

2) Same designs

Some Interior Designers provide similar design ideas for the same kind of theme and do not seek for creativity. A & V Aluminium Contractor Singapore start off as a contractor company 20 over years ago. A few years down the road, the company realizes the pros and cons of both contractor and ID, and decided to hired Interior designers to the company. Today, A & V is a combination of contractors Singapore & interior designers. This eliminates all the disadvantages of both contractors & interior designers. They are now able to provide quality services from both contractors & interior designers at a very low market price!

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