Why are Sliding Window popular in Singapore

sliding windows

Sliding Window opens by sliding horizontally its is a framework of wood or metal that contains a glass windowpane and is built into a wall or roof to admit light or air.

They are the most popular window options out there, be it Singapore or other countries. Since they operate on sliding mechanisms, the manual effort of operating them is very easy and is more convenient for the elderly.

Why are Sliding Windows so popular???

  • Clear views – offer a large, clear view, allowing better view and increase light intensity
  • Easy-to-use – are installed on rollers and can be opened easily. This makes sliding windows ideal for elderly.
  • Minimal maintenance – have lesser parts than other types of windows. Moreover, sliding window can easily be disassemble for cleaning.

It is also called slider window, requires very low maintenance  allowing easy external cleaning.

A & V windows come in a variety of color, style, material and finishing options, giving you flexibility in finding the sliding window that best fits the needs of your home or business. In Singapore, Sliding Windows are the preferred choice for HDB and Condo units. A & V have supplied and installed windows to hundreds of satisfied home owners over the past decade.

Important Guidelines on Sliding Windows (HDB)

Aluminium Sliding Windows

(Drawing on Aluminium Sliding Windows)

Parts Requirements
Safety devices To install the following:a. Polyethylene sliding window self-locking safety device (2 nos. per panel)
b. Synthetic resin stoppers at top of window outer frame

  • minimum 2 nos. per panel width and repeat the same along the track
  • The stopper shall be fastened with stainless steel grade 304 or equivalent rivet/screw of minimum 4 mm diameter

c. Aluminium bottom outer frame with fixed angle facing outsideDimension “b” shall be minimum 1.5 times dimension “a” [refer to drawing]

Sliding panel Maximum width not exceeding 1.2 m

Make sure the Contractors you engaging are BCA & HDB certified Contractors! They will follow the guidelines strictly.

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