Aluminium Casement Window

What are aluminium casement windows?
Aluminium casement windows are windows that can be manually pushed open as they are installed with hinges or pivots along the upright side of the vertically hung sash along the window frame. It opens outwards or inwards along the entire length of the frame, similar to that of a door.

Aluminium casement windows require very little strength to push and pull open and close. They are most often installed over sinks, counter-tops and many home appliances.

How do aluminium casement windows function?
Aluminium casement windows have very secure locking mechanisms. They also have better compression as they are tightly attached to the window frame with no gaps, which is mainly why casement windows are used for soundproof windows too.

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What are the benefits of installing aluminium casement windows in your home?
First of all, aluminium itself, is a very practical metal to make windows as they are anti-corrosive. Unlike other metals, aluminium windows when subjected to harsh weather conditions, will not rust even with time and this will then make your aluminium windows long-lasting. Especially in Singapore, with rain and winds getting stronger, a lot of small particles are constantly being whipped against your windows but if you install aluminium windows in your home, they will not corrode and are very durable.

Secondly, because the casement windows are made of aluminium, they will be very cost-effective for you. Aluminium is an extremely common metal which makes it very cost-effective to produce and very affordable for you when you purchase it. Furthermore, installation costs will also be relatively low as aluminium windows are light in weight compared to steel and other metals which makes it easier to install in your home.

Casement windows are also extremely easy to open and close. The effort to push open and pull close is very little as they make use of single-lever latches or tandem latches. You also have the option of having your aluminium casement windows open automatically instead of you doing it manually.

Casement windows also provide your home with very good air ventilation, as these windows are able to open all the way outwards, inviting the cool breeze into your home. These casement windows open all the way from the top to the bottom and in addition to cooling your home, they also help to provide you with the maximum amount of sunlight to help you see better.

Lastly, casement windows are ranked among the top energy-saving windows. As casement windows are tightly compressed along the window frame, this helps to keep wind from escaping your home and prevent air from entering your home as well.

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Aluminium casement windows are a precise and ideal choice for any home or business owner looking for a window that offers convenience, durability, consistency and security. To find out more about our aluminium casement window options for you, contact us today!

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