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Aluminium Sliding Windows are the most popular window options for Singaporean homes, be it condominiums, private or semi-detached houses or HDB flats. They require very little strength to push and pull them open or close, which makes them especially easy and convenient for young children and the elderly.

There are four main benefits of having these Aluminium Sliding Windows installed in your house.

First of all, Aluminium sliding windows are low maintenance and very long-lasting (durability). Aluminium itself does not rust or corrode even with time, which enables it to retain its colour for a very long time so you do not have the problem of repainting it yearly.

Furthermore, Aluminium sliding windows come with fitted grooves which will continue to function for years without any problems.

Are you worried about intruders breaking and entering your home through flimsy windows? You will not have to worry about this with aluminium windows. Their frames are unbreakable and can withstand force, for example strong winds or people pulling on them. Also, your aluminium window grilles can be fitted with toughened safety glass to prevent breakages and cracks.

Furthermore, you can have all your aluminium sliding windows fitted with the same locks so that you only need to have one key for all your windows at home which is very convenient for you.

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Sliding windows are among the easiest types of windows you can install in your home. If you want your windows open in the day, all you have to do is to unlock the latch on the side and give it a simple pull towards its side! Similarly, if you want it shut perhaps at night, just pull it in the opposite direction and pull up the latch to lock it and you will have a good night’s sleep just knowing your home is safe.

If you think that elegance for your home comes at a price, think again! Aluminium sliding windows are a very classy option to install in your home and are also very affordable! As aluminium is one of the most common metals in the world, it is very easy and very cheap to produce these aluminium sliding windows and equally cheap to have them installed in your home as it requires a simple installation process.

They are a real value for money when you realise that these aluminium windows will last you for years.

Customized Aluminium Sliding Window Designs For Your Home

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Wide Variety Of Window Panels Finishing To Choose From

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Over at A&V, our sliding windows come in a variety of color, style, material and finishing options, giving you flexibility in finding the sliding windows that best fit the needs of your home or business space. To find out more about our Aluminium sliding window options for you, contact us today.

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