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Singapore’s Most Effective Sound Proof Windows @ Direct Factory Prices

Aren’t you tired of excessive noise throughout the day any time you’re outside of home?

A home should be an abode of peace; a sanctuary of silence. This is why soundproof windows are the perfect choice for Singaporeans looking to escape from the hustle of bustle of everyday noise. Made from the finest quality of double-glazed glass, these windows will ensure maximum reduction of external noise from the outside.

Given that many HDB and Condominium units are located in areas filled with noise pollution contributed by traffic and constructions sites etc., many of our clients are opting for soundproof windows as the premium choice because these windows will allow them to enjoy peace and quiet in the comforts of their own homes.

The reason why our soundproof windows are so outstanding is because of the quality with which they are made. Carefully crafted to precision, the windows consist of two layers of glass (each 5mm in width) with a thin sheet of metal (also 5mm in width) carefully placed in-between the glass layers. This ensures a full 15mm of window-width. The vacuum created by the separation of the two layers of glass in-between will inhibit sounds from passing through, assuring a quiet indoor environment.
(Please see diagram attached for more details).

The main reasons for many consumers choosing Aluminium Soundproof windows are:

  • HDB/Condo units are situated near to noise polluted areas like traffics, mrt stations, hawker, construction site etc…
  • Apartment is located near to expressway whereby noise is unavoidable
  • HDB flat situated near playgrounds and coffee shops where children are playing.
  • Inhibit unbearable construction noise in surrounding area
  • Provides more privacy and peace time for the owner
  • Solely want to have a very quiet and peaceful environment and no disturbance from the ‘outside world’

Also, our soundproof windows typically reduce noise levels from about 50% to 70%, depending on which floor your unit is located on. Units situated at the lower levels can generally expect a noise reduction of up to 80%.

Additional benefits of our soundproof windows include the following:

– Aluminium soundproof windows are able to control the internal temperature of homes and offices, keeping the interior of your house or office cool on a rather hot day.
– The thick glass used in the aluminium soundproof windows enhances the security of your household by ensuring stability and sturdiness.

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We are contractors with licenses approved by HDB, and we install our work in accordance with HDB & BCA guidelines. All our Aluminium Window Grilles come with a convenient inbuilt lock and key mechanism too.

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